Meet Our Creative and Talented Participants in 2022- Please click on the names to read about each artist

Almonte Potters’ Guild – Pottery

Anita Schlarb – Photography

Barbara Mullally – Jewellery

Bill and Lorraine Kemp – Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee

Bill Thurlow – Heavenly Honey

Carrie Onraet – Candles and Beadwork

Chrissie Young – Pottery

Clement Hoeck – Pottery

Colin Hamer – Pewterware

Deb Munro – The Kitchen Sink Natural Skin Products

Dee Ashby  – Painting

Dennis N Vance – Etchings and Paintings

Erica Gilmour – Hummingbird Chocolate

Eric Young – Grass Roots Furniture Woodworking

John and Megan Cochran – Maple Syrup, Live Edge/Woodworking

Kaija Savinainen – Painting

Karen Bernard – Paper Art

Kevin Wilson and Sandra Allen – Murkay Creations – Flamework and Fused Glass

Laura Fauquier – Children’s Clothing

Laurel Cook – Animal Portraiture

Megan Duffield – Designer Women’s Clothing

Meredith Kucey – Jewellery

Nadine Sculland – Miniature Quilts and More

Natasha Peterson – Author Childrens’ Books

Omid McDonald and Neal McCarten- Dairy Distillery Vodkow

Roberta Murant and Jean Down – Studio Three Fibre Art

Robert Pauly – Millinery & Quilts 

Roxanne Ward – Lampwork and Jewellery

Shawn Humphrey – Leatherwork

Shawn Donaldson – Multi media, Sculpture

Saskia Praamsma – Pottery

Sietze Praamsma – Pottery

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