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Angelique_WillardI am a local artist living and working out of my home studio near Carleton Place.   In my paintings, I try to capture the simple beauty and details of the objects and environment that surround us everyday, but pass unnoticed. I paint realistically but tend towards more minimal, dramatic compositions and enjoy allowing the viewer to really see the paint and it’s movement on canvas. Reflections on water may become an abstract dance. The curve of a pear, a cast shadow, an architectural detail, the refraction of light through glass or the turn of a figure are imbued with spirit when transformed on canvas.   I am a commissioned artist, specializing in portraiture.  I also paint murals including the, “Windows into History” series in Almonte. Some commercial illustrations include: The Artsfusion poster, the Midsummer Herbfest poster and the Women’s week poster celebrating Almonte’s International Women’s week festivities.