Studio 1



Books, Internet, People and Nature

Favorite Things

Big rigs, horses, canoeing and wilderness camping, music & outdoor survival skills

My Story

Born and raised in the country till I was seven, I used to visit our elderly neighbour who painted beautiful lettering and scrolls on commercial trucks. I always thought that someday, I too would do such artwork. Little did I know though, that my future would put me on the other side of the windshield.

My parents encouraged my creativeness. My mother taught me traditional household skills. My father taught me how to use tools and even manage a vegetable garden

After studying Photogrammetry (map making from aerial photos) and spending a year wowrking in Government, I decided I wasn’t meant for office work. Being determined and adventurous I got my commercial driver’s license and tried my hand at truck driving. This lead me to a 30 year career that took me all over North America.

But this didn’t stop my creative passion: I carried a suitcase full of crafts. When the truck was sitting between loads, I was busy creating a gift for someone.

There was still something missing, something I could not do on the road: satisfy my desire for self-sufficiency. So after four years in Alberta, I settled into the Clayton area where I started raising goats and creating soaps from their milk…one of the skills from yesteryear. I found that soap could be a beautiful medium. From natural colours and textures, to herbs and seeds,  I never tire of working with soap.

My Dream

My dream is to develop my little cottage business into a viable business. I like to be able to provide people with quality products for their skin.