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Bill Thurlow of Heavenly Honey,offers a wide variety of quality honey and beeswax products.

From our hive to your home…..

As a family business, in operation for the last thirty years, Heavenly Honey knows the value of diligence and effort.

Thankfully, so do the bees!

Because of the bees industrious labours, Heavenly Honey proudly presents to you a wide range of quality products, ranging from wax, pollen, candles of all kinds, seasonal decorations, fire starter kits and last but not least, a selection of liquid and comb honey.

With hives located in the East end of Ottawa, Heavenly Honey offers the best in local raw honey.  We are known across the Ottawa area for our unique blends of honey that have become panty staples and amazing gifts, such as Cinnamon Honey Butter, Zesty Lemon Honey, and liqueur infused honeys.

Heavenly Honey is proudly owned by Bill “Honey Bill” and his Queen Bee Cathy Thurlow in Blackburn Hamlet.