Stop 3


My Inspiration:  The lost “art” of heritage farming, animals, nature, tradition, history, the beauty of soil.  Being a part of change and knowing I am contributing in a positive way.

My Story:  Living in reverse, we moved to a rural farm in beautiful Mississippi Mills Ontario. Blue Hen Farm came with a rich history and we were in love the moment we stepped into the warm kitchen on a cold winter day.  Feeling like this old farm had been just waiting to be brought back to life we dove in.

As a population we are aware that something is wrong with our food production, but many don’t know how the “wheels turn” on a farm in the first place.  So how are we ever going to fix it?  With a mission for change, I have become a “diligent luddite” to be preserve food production practices for a sustainable future.  Sharing my passion and knowledge with our guests and visitors, and keeping our traditions of the past alive .

My Favourite things:  My “office” barnyard and co worker livestock animals, the pride I feel being a female farmer, when people “come home” to the farm, oh and anything home baked, still warm out of the wood burning oven!