Union Hall




My inspiration:
Inspiration comes from work; I don’t wait for ideas to come. Making improves on form and ideas come as the work evolves. I am very fond of Korean and Japanese pottery and Asian esthetics. My garden is my therapy, it keeps me sane and permits me to get out of my basement studio and connect with nature.

My art history:

  • Cégép de l’Outaouais, College diploma in Fine Arts where I first discovered the potter’s wheel.
  • Centre de céramique Bonsecours, Old Montreal. Vocational 1 year degree in Ceramics.
  • L’école Québécoise du meuble et du bois Ouvré. Montreal. 3 year cabinetmaking and architectural millwork program.
  • 3 years in South Korea where I taught English and soaked in everything I could of their ceramic culture.
  • Ottawa U. General arts.

My favorite things:
Gardening, furniture making, working with wood, ecology, wild mushroom foraging, bird watching, discovering new glazes and making new forms, Korean food, movies and so many other things.

My story:
I grew up in Aylmer, Quebec. I always loved to draw and was always drawn to the arts being somewhat of a loner and never quite fitting in. I discovered a passion for the potter’s wheel and working in high-fire ceramics while in College where we dabbled in a little of everything. I am mesmerized by the power of the fire and the way it changes a material that otherwise has no permanence into something almost indestructible. I taught English in South Korea for nearly 3 years where I also met my wife. I have lived in Campbell’s Bay, Quebec in the Pontiac since 2007 where I have both my woodworking studio and ceramics studio. I participate in many shows throughout the year and am a guest artist on a few local tours. I am in the process of building a 20 cubic feet high fire kiln that will use waste vegetable oil as a fuel source.

My dream:
To one day build a straw bale home and have a studio on a first floor surrounded by a garden and nature.