Studio 1

static1.squarespace.comMy inspiration
Books on old pewter
Shapes fellow craftsmen can achieve with their media: clay, glass, wood

My Craft History
Twenty hours of lessons with Doug Shenstone, master pewtersmith
Visiting fellow pewters and pewtersmiths
Inventing most of my techniques myself

My favourite things
My workshop
Listening to music

My story
I grew up in Halifax, went to university there and became a metallurgical engineer. Employed in an aluminum smelter in Quebec, I discovered an inability to learn French. Got married. I Went to Queen’s for a MSc., and then to Toronto and Western Ontario and in 1969 came to the beginning of the semiconductor industry in Ottawa. I Joined Energy, Mines and Resources in 1975 as a scientist. Took lessons from Doug in 1976. Retired in 1995 to become a full time pewtersmith.

My dream
To continue in good health. Take trips to interesting places. Continue as a pewtersmith.