Union Hall



I grew up in Halifax and became a metallurgical engineer.  My wife and I moved to the Ottawa  area in 1969.  After 5 years in the semi-conductor industry I joined  Energy, Mines and Resources (which later became Natural Resources Canada) as a scientist, where I stayed until my retirement.  We have three children and five grandchildren. Our daughter, her husband and our youngest granddaughter now help us with the shows and in the workshop.

I have always felt the need to express myself artistically, and tried various crafts like wood and metal sculpture, batik and oil painting.  In 1976 we bought a pair of pewter wine goblets from Doug Shenstone, who was a master pewtersmith and I found my avocation. I took lessons from Doug and we became good friends and did shows together.  When he died in 1990 I inherited his tools.

I took early retirement in 1995 and became a full-time pewtersmith and built a workshop in our backyard.  So this is where you will find me most days.

I love creating pewter holloware because it combines both beauty and function, which appeals to both my artistic and practical sides.  I also like the challenge of inventing techniques to create something new. I made  a number of the trophies for Nepean and items for government gift banks.  I also enjoy special requests and repairs as these give me new ideas.  Because pewtering is my joy rather than my livelihood, I have the freedom to experiment with new shapes and techniques and each creation truly is something I love to make.