Crooked Mile Brewery


I have always enjoyed working with wood and for the last several decades have managed to amass a fair collection of tools in my basement to pursue the dream of making things, unfortunately they were rarely used, and it seems that I was always too busy.

About three years ago my girlfriend convinced me to buy a small lathe because it was something that I had always wanted to try and since then I have been hooked on turning wood (currently on lathe number 3). There is something very satisfying about taking what appears to be an old stick or chunk of wood, shaping and polishing it until the grain pops and something spectacular is revealed. To me it is all about the grain and, for pens, burls provides the perfect canvas to produce remarkable looking pieces.

I have continued my turning path, moving from pens to larger turnings, I let the wood define the shape, every piece is unique and free form as I continue to improve my turning skills and strive to achieve the “perfect cuts”.

It is all about the grain and the wood, and turning becomes very addictive.