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I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba to parents who grew up during the Depression. From my early years, it was always stressed that everything could be reused to make something different and better.

It started with Barbie dolls. At the age of 6, I received my first and only Barbie for Christmas. Along with it came a box of old clothes, scraps of material, tiny buttons, and old pill boxes. Out of that a whole Barbie wardrobe and house was made.

My love of fabrics continued through my working career as I managed Fabricland and then took up custom drapery and interior design in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Always one to try new and inventive ideas, my displays received many comments and my designs were sought out by many. Many a customer approached me to say, “I have this piece left to me by a loved relative and I need to incorporate it into something as a memento”.

Fast forward through years of raising children and building many homes and I met up with a group that shared my interests of repurposing used items. Never shying away from a new idea, everything was used in creating art that was exquisite and unique.

Now in retirement, the kids are gone, the grandkids are almost all teenagers, I started to look for something to fill my time. I started sculpting gargoyles and garden art. When I found Paverpol, a product that was environmentally friendly and weather proof, I took instructor classes and I am now a certified Paverpol instructor. The many totes of collected items, material, beads, driftwood, and metal bits, are now being put to use making one of a kind garden statues. Some elegant, some a little quirky, all a little fun. Ask for it, and give me time, and I will find a way to make it.