Jean Morrow Studio

I often reflect on current cultural trends concerning the saturation of electronic devices in our society and the amount of time people spend immersed in this “plastic” environment. As much as this bothers me and I attempt to pursue a simpler way of living I too am seduced into this world.

These thoughts have settled into perhaps not resignation but an acceptance that our technological world will be here for quite some time. Rather than judge I’ve come up with a fresh perspective. My thoughts on our condition evolved into aesthetic studies in clay that contrast organic forms with technological elements or issues. Where does the natural world end and the technological begin? Is there a delineation at all?

Most often the sculptures I create are simple forms of organic and natural elements juxtaposed against technological imagery and textures. I guess it’s a way for me to come to terms with technology as a part of our world. By giving aesthetic form to these feelings I hope that the the viewer might come away with an emotional response that might also connect with their own relationship to technology.

Over the last several years I have been exploring this conceptual framework and experimenting not just in clay but also with both larger scale pieces in cement and smaller scale pieces in sterling. I am enjoying the process of switching scales and mediums and I appreciate the process of cross pollination of techniques to bring my ideas to fruition.