Stop 15 – Jean Morrow Studio

I am a Canadian artist who has developed a unique abstract painting style that creates the illusion of glass on canvas.  A sense of movement, energy and bold colours are some of the qualities that immediately identify one of my paintings. It has taken many years of study and wMork to perfect this technique.

Making art is  my passion in life.  It’s my way of expressing myself. Creating something beautiful is extremely satisfying. I often lose myself in the process and find that hours have passed by unnoticed.

Originally I started painting landscapes using oil paints but over the years have transitioned to acrylic abstract painting.  I find the abstract painting style gives me more freedom to express myself. Acrylic paint is extremely versatile and allows me to create some amazing effects.  It also dries fast compared to oil paint, which appeals to my (maybe bad) personality trait of not liking to wait for things.

I use a combination of acrylic paint with various mediums to create a bold and dramatic “wet” look.  Often part of the canvas is intentionally left unpainted.  The contrast between the raw canvas and the slick look of the paint crates a wonderful counterbalance.