Jean Morrow Studio

“I am a Canadian artist who creates abstract paintings and jewelry.  Making art is my passion in life and the way I express myself.  My work is very colourful with lots of movement and energy.

It has taken many years of study and work to perfect the techniques.  Originally I started painting landscapes using oil paints but over the years have transitioned to a more abstract style using acrylic paint.  I have found that this transition has given me more freedom to express myself and allows me to create some amazing effects.  I often lose myself in the process and find that hours have passed unnoticed.

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and have been painting for over 30 years. In 2010 I moved to Almonte, Ontario to devote myself to painting full time and to open the Morrow Gallery and Studio in the historic Thoburn Mill.

In 2018 my jewelry line was born.  The pieces are inspired by my paintings and are created using the same paints and methods.

My paintings are in many private collections across North America.  I strongly believe that original art should be affordable and accessible.”