Studio 20

 MG_9233-432x300Jennifer Anne Kelly lives and works on a riverbank near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University Jennifer studied at the Ottawa School of Art, The Studio at Corning in New York, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and enjoyed the expert

Jennifer works with stained glass, fused and kiln formed glass, natural found elements, and metals. The process, including sand blasting and kiln work, is completed in her studio beside the river and her teaching studio.

From three-dimensional sculptural work to painterly two-dimensional pieces the narrative thread throughout is a positive human experience with the natural world. Living on the river has influenced Jennifer’s work both in imagery and in her meditation on glass and water. The river inspires the combination of energy and serenity and this is brought to the finished glass piece. Jennifer spends a great deal of time pondering the light, shadows, and reflections of the water and translates that in new techniques. The initial interest in fusing photography in glass continues as much of the two-dimensional work involves careful placement of glass powders to “print” her photographs inside the glass and become part of her visual story. The people who appear in Jennifer’s glass are strong, confident, and ethereal.  They have found a place without fear, if even for a moment. Much of Jennifer’s three-dimensional work is focused on glass nests, feathers, and glass fused into driftwood and stone. This work is a celebration of our natural world as a fable. Jennifer twists reality and imagination by creating new interpretations of what is naturally found. This body of work is the result of intense passion and dreams, overcoming fear, and delighting in the mystical.