Stop 3 – Woolly Things Studio

The creation of art has been an integral par of me since the beginning of time. The soul wants what the soul wants and mine is happiness when creating.  The art forms have varies throughout my life but as I look back, each creative component contributes to my unique path and continues to be an evolving art process.

I grew up in Ottawa and am now living in the Ottawa Valley on the Ottawa River. An art studio with a house attached on the land where our cottage stood, it is and always has been my happy place.  Having an art studio steps from the shoreline is my idea of the perfect scenario. It is an inspirational beautiful setting, yet it is also very calming, soul centering and perfectly serene. All elements conducive to creativity at its finest.

I am an artist working with vivid acrylics and mixed media. Vibrant abstracts, oversized florals, textured Canadian vistas and whimsical kaleidoscope fantasies are distinctly recognizable of what is described as my unique joyful style and technique.  Many of Ottawa’s remarkable landscapes have been immortalized in my fanciful designs. A curvaceous signature of the Art Deco influence is omni-present in my abstract work. This characteristic swirl is representative of the spiritual revolution that led me to my career as an artist.

I am an instructor, sharing my techniques in refined brushwork to achieve depth, dimension and detail. As well as the use of palette knife for rich satisfying texture. I delight in the role as mentor, as I have and still require mentorship as I continue on my path. Artists assisting artists (people helping people in general) is what this is all about. The sharing of ideas is what makes us all stronger and lifts us up.  Thankfully there will always be more learning and sharing to be done in this adventure we call life.

What I know for sure is: We all have an individual path to follow, a unique role to play. We are all creative beings as creativity is a human quality that exists in everyone. Often the creative part of you can get easily pushed aside or buried deep with the external demands of life. However, creativity arises from the soul and will eventually show increasing signs of the desire to reemerge.  This is case for celebration ! I know this for sure because it happened to me. I can assist your inner artist to free itself an your soul will soar ! “Creative Expressions produces Magical Art !”

As of Spring 2017, I am now a VIDA designer which means my artwork which I call Artwear and DecoArt is now available on a variety of “artfully creative” women’s fashion items (scarves, tops, athletic wear – yoga pant/top), women;s accessories (purses and jewellery) & home decor items.