Willow Creek Studio




My surroundings where I live are my inspiration- horses, cats, dogs and landscape. The place where I live is my canvas. My deep Nordic roots have given me a creative vision and voice unique to what and who I am.

Objects that inspire you…the landscape, my gardens, horses-life
Something totally unrelated to art – everything in my world is interrelated to art, nothing is not linked by what I do and see.

Art history
I have always been a creative person. I have never not observed my surroundings. I can remember in grade one creating a portrait of myself with yellow eyes. The teacher asked why my eyes were yellow to which I replied “the sun is reflected in my eyes and the sun is bright and colorful…”

Artists in the family…my two daughters
Teacher influence… art teacher in High school, Mrs. McCulloug, university professor Pauline McGeorge and Carl Granzow
Other Artist influences include-Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Franz Marc, Georgia O’Keeffe, Debbie Butterfield and many other artists

Favorite things
Colour…all colors
Most prized possession…my health and our sauna
A place…home
Something surprising…a dedicated running athlete with my two huskies
What do I indulge in…organic coffee
Art piece you created…my life size horse sculptures

Your dream
To take a show of my art work to Finland

If I were to collaborate with another artist who would it be…work with my two daughters
My ultimate goal as an artist…to continue painting full time

Recent Exhibitions/Memberships: The 10 Collective/online exhibition with Society of Canadian Paintings 2019.