Clayton Community Centre



We are a husband and wife team who have fallen in love with the look and properties of glass.   

Our Story

Our creations are made using two specific techniques for working glass.  Using the art of Flameworking we make components and beads, mostly from Italian and German glass rods using a propane/ oxygen torch.  We melt the glass and each individual piece is shaped and embellished by us and then kiln annealed.

Using the second technique, glass fusing, we individually cut, embellish and fire a variety of different glasses.  We take the resulting pieces and further manipulate them using techniques such as hand etching, sandblasting and many others to achieve an individual and professional look.

Through the use of both techniques, our one of a kind glass serving ware , ornaments or jewelry pieces emerge.

Favorite things

  • Our pets Drew (a blue merle Collie and Harley (a cockatiel)
  • Travel, so many countries so little time
  • Our glass studio

Our dreams

We are in our studio everyday living the dream