My inspiration
Dogs and puppies. We breed, board and train them so there are plenty of occasions for inspiration. It’s like they just seep out the end of my paintbrush. People send me pictures of their four legged children, most of whom were born in our home (our bedroom, in fact), and their pictures have captured special moments which I often use as the basis for my paintings.

My art history
Primarily self taught. Completed the Creative Arts diploma program at Algonquin College.

My favourite things
Dogs (of course), cats, most animals. My all-time favourite thing is to sit in the puppy pen with a litter of puppies and let all of them curl up and fall asleep on top of me.
Gardening and digging in the dirt. Never grew out of getting dirt under my fingernails
Chocolate and maple syrup, particularly when they are combined
Paint of all kinds – if it doesn’t move, I most likely will put some paint on it…..my husband never stays still ….

My story
Engineer by trade and training and almost thirty years in the military. How “left” brain is that? I was a “closet” artist who hid many of my paintings under beds until I retired and joined a local art group (Almonte and Area Artists Association) who convinced me to “go public”.

My dream
I am living it right now…..