Stop 1 – Laurette Lafleur Studio

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Through photography and writing, I aim to inspire by illuminating the treasures of life that we hold dear.  My images capture and freeze moments of optimism and illustrate the inherent joy of living.  I use the camera’s lens to illustrate subjects – animate or inanimate – that focus on hope, joy, mystery, and the sparkle of innocence.  My art reminds the viewer that no matter how dark individual moments may be, we exist to live in the sunlight, not the shadows.  It encourages us when we yearn to soar, not trudge; and through optimism, my images reveal that life is joyful and there is a bright future for us all.

I have been influenced by the innovative Canadian painter Lawren Harris, the decisive moment photographer/painter Henri-Cartier Bresson, the recognized premier colour photographer of the 50’s and 60’s – Ernst Haas, and by Minor White who developed the sequencing technique of photographic storytelling.  Adopting a self-directed learning approach, I have pushed the boundaries of my own skill and vision by participating in numerous local contest, shows, and exhibitions.  I have won many prizes in local county fairs in Renfrew, Almonte, Perth, Richmond, and Middleville.  My work has been shown in Almonte’s Art in the Attic which is sponsored by the Almonte and Area Artist Association.  On their behalf, I have made contributions to the Canada 150 “Bucky Ball” exhibit of past and present textile mills which is now on display at the Mississippi Mills Textile Museum.  It is my photo of the Old Almonte Town Hall that has graced the brochure of Art in the Attic since 2016.  Other showings include:  AIM (Art in the Manor) at Fairview Manor, Ottawa Valley Medical Health Clinic, Carleton Place Library, Mill of Kintail, Herb Garden, Under Pressure Coffee House in Carleton Place, and Equator Coffee in Almonte.  I am a member of Photography Matters, the St. Paul’s Centre for Creative Living – Contemplative Photography Circle, and a private Writers’ Circle.  In addition, I love to write.  I am working on a fictional novel and have written numerous short stories which have been submitted for publishing.  In the next phase of my artistic career, I plan to enhance and share my love of storytelling by using both images and the written word.