Studio 16

linda_3 I am an Almonte artist who works in several different media. My recent paintings are all done in acrylics on canvas. The canvases have been covered with wrinkled tissue to give them some additional texture. After the paintings are complete, I coat the surfaces with gloss varnish for added protection and shine. These paintings are based on my pen and ink drawings, which are very detailed. In some cases I project my line-work directly onto the canvas and began to work from there. In other paintings I have worked from preparatory drawings and directly from nature. I feel that the stark lines and bright colours give these florals an interesting graphic quality.

For the past few years I have been making paper flowers, both large and small. I now display and sell them in glass jars. I make many types and colours of flowers, trying to stay as true to the real thing as possible. I love flowers and my inspiration largely comes from working at my mother’s flower farm near Perth, growing, picking, and arranging over two acres of fresh blooms! My hope is to continue to bring the paintings and paper flowers together as I experiment with shapes and colours in different media.

Examples of my work can be seen at General Fine Crafts in Almonte and at the Riverguild in Perth.

You can also visit me online at or

Linda also has a new Facebook page: check for Daydream Flowers