Studio 5

All my life I have engaged in pursuits that have reminded me of the truth of who I really am.  This has led me down many interesting, creative paths but none have provided the deep solace, joy and inspiration that I have found by immersing myself in working with fibre.

As a meditator and teacher of mindfulness, spinning, weaving and felting are where I surrender to the process of becoming. I get so engaged in creating that the world falls away as I connect with beautiful raw materials and allow myself to be transported.  It’s really no accident that I ended up living in Almonte – it’s truly been the culmination of a life’s calling to be surrounded by a community with a long deep tradition of creating art and letting it last.

Daily I remember, with mindfulness, that I have been given an invaluable gift to pursue the fibre arts, and in the spirit of that gratefulness, I can create joyfully!  I can be reached through my FaceBook page ~ LoriRowsellFibreArts – I look forward to connecting!