Weaving fibre art was an early creative outlet, something I learned in my late teens. I loved how the various yarns could be combined in an infinite number of ways to create unique and very different appearances an effects. The texture and colours have always held some magic for me. As an artist, weaving feels natural and organic and allows me to create something as beautiful to see as it is to touch.  It is an expression of myself that I am compelled to do.

I use a Japanese Saori loom and weave with the Saori method and philosophy.  It echoes the freestyle fully creative method I had instinctively used as a young adult.

I make fibre art in the form of hand woven wall hangings of different sizes, including circular weaving on embroidery hoops. When I begin weaving, I choose the colour palette and materials and then allow the colours and textures to inspire what I create. I love to play with texture and balance by creating loops, using soumack weaving, twisting riving, clasped weft weaving and weft spacing.  I use various types of tassels and fringe to finish my weave and hang them on dowels, branches, driftwood and copper pipe.