Kehla Design

Kehla-January-2012-567My Inspiration

  • All the colours and shapes I see around me;
  • Being in a forest, no matter the season;
  • Janis Kerman, a Montreal-based jeweler, who leaves me awestruck;
  • Minoan, Greek and Etruscan jewellery … all that granulation;
  • Quietude – enough sleep and not too much noise.

My Art History

  • Apprenticeship training in Heilbronn, Germany, to become a journeywoman goldsmith;
  • Work alongside three master goldsmiths to qualify for master school for goldsmiths;
  • Meisterschule fuer Goldschmiede in Munich, graduating as master goldsmith.

My Favourite Things

  • Making/building things;
  • Flying my sailplane and being on the airfield with fellow glider pilots;
  • My animals, my husband and his music (not necessarily in that order!);
  • Listening to jazz and classical music while sipping a glass of wine or scotch;
  • Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with my BTT team mates.

My Story

I’m a maker, always have been. It was the experience of watching a jeweller at work that brought this into focus. The designing/creating aspect is now my favoured task, but it was working with my hands and tools that grabbed me.

Making/creating was part of our family. My father did it with sound and words: he was always ready to sing or whistle a tune, or recite his poetry. My mother was more practical: her creative energy went towards sewing clothes.

After finishing almost nine years of training as a goldsmith, I worked another nine for others, then decided it was time to open my own studio. I have a taste for adventure, so I immigrated to Canada and started Kehla Design.

I’m in my studio five or six days a week, and I love it. Besides the creative and technical challenge, there is the business side. It’s a never-ending balancing act between making new pieces, seeing my ideas executed in 3D, remodeling client’s pieces and taking care of their requests and finding enough downtime so the ideas don’t run dry. Did I mention it’s exciting? Not to forget very rewarding.

I love beauty. I feel blessed to be granted the chance to make something beautiful that is strong and can last a long time.

My Dream

  • To make more pieces, to find the time and resources necessary to do so;
  • For my hands and eyes to keep doing what I ask of them;
  • To keep sharing ideas with my husband;
  • To entice new collectors with my work.