Union Hall



I can’t imagine not sewing, with so many interesting quilt books, patterns and fabrics the inspirations are endless…but my time is not: that is why I create miniature versions of large quilts.  They are framed to make them into pieces of artwork worthy of hanging on the wall.

I began sewing back when I played with Barbie dolls and I made clothing for them and later sewed for myself under the expert guidance of my mother.  I graduated from Commerce High School where I completed their arts program after which I worked as a graphic artist for 10 years.

I discovered quilting in the 80’s when it had regained its popularity and I have been enjoying many other forms of traditional textile creativity.

 I have managed to acquire several awards for both large quilts and my unique miniatures at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Show and at the Almonte Fair.

I have participated in the Maple Run Studio Tour, Art in the Attic, Mississippi Mills Textile Museum’s Fibrefest and Christmas in the Valley Artisan Show where you will find my miniature quilts displayed.