Clayton Community Centre

at workWhy
Why do I work with clay? I love smearing, pinching and rolling clay. The feel of clay is soothing. I like putting one coil of clay on top of the other. Impressing different textures and stamps into clay.
I love that when a piece is fired and very hard, really like stone, you can still see the softness of the clay. And I cannot stop doing it . My love story.

Architecture and sculptures from different cultures. Some people have asked me “Where do you get your ideas from, you must be on drugs?” I say: “No, I am not addicted to drugs, I am addicted to clay!”

I start with a form and ideas pop up. I build on previous ideas. Forms float around in my head and I try them out. The more you do it, the more ideas you get.

When did I start working with clay?
Probably when I was four years old. My mother was a potter and she had a studio in the attic, looking over the rooftops and chimneys of Amsterdam.

What do I make?

  • Round pots, square pots, oval pots, large jars. All with textures.
  • Creatures in animal or people forms.
  • Cactus-inspired pieces, sea urchin-like sculptures.

I work at the Almonte Potters Guild in Almonte, where there is a group of people that support each other in what they make.

Something else about myself

  • I have lived in six countries.
  • I have a supportive husband, three great daughters and three grand-children.
  • I live in a great little village, Clayton, where other artists also live.
  • I surround myself with a lot of colour, but not in my clay work, because it is all about form and texture.