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Below is a consolidated list of stops and participants that you can save and print.

Addresses of Tour Stops

Union Hall 984 Wolf Grove Road, Clayton

Clayton Community Centre 147 Linn Bower Lane, Clayton

Humphrey Leatherworks 4040 Tatlock Rd, Clayton

Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee 202 Floating Bridge, Clayton

Kaija Savinainen /Willow Creek Studio 411 Bellamy Mills Road, Clayton

Cochran Lumber 286 Bellamy Mills Road, Clayton

Almonte Potters Guild 95 Bridge Street, Almonte

Murkay Creations 608 Laroque St, Almonte

Dairy Distillery 34 Industrial St , Almonte

Hummingbird Chocolate 476 Ottawa St, Almonte

Maple Run Stops

Cedar Hill Tree Farm 951 8th Concession South, Pakenham

Cartwright Springs Brewery 239 Deer Run Rd, Pakenham

Chris Van Zanten Studio 2828 Concession Rd 10 N, Pakenham