Cochran Lumber

Bellamy Mills Maple Products has been making maple syrup and sugar for only 3 years at our location on Bellamy Mills Road but it’s in our blood, Megan was raised working in the family sugar bush watching her grandfather & uncle boiling. John’s family started making syrup in the late 1800’s and John tried his hand at in high school, it’s something he has always wanted to get back to making. The main bush we tap is the same bush his family generations before us tapped, going back to the original land grant from the early 1800’s. We’re in an area of the county that is known for its great maple flavour. We use a traditional wood fired evaporator and all our syrup is bottled hot in glass bottles, our sugar is also in glass jars. We encourage our customers to save their bottles and bring them back so we can reuse them, every bit helps the environment and keeps our costs down, which in turn helps keep our prices down.

John has a degree in Forestry, in which his thesis was a cost of production study for small maple syrup producers in Lanark County. After his degree he continued his education taking the hardwood grading course, he graded for 8 years and alongside started Cochran Lumber and has been growing the business for the last 20 years. He provides rough lumber, kiln drying, planing as well as making custom solid wood applications including furniture pieces.