slide_5The owners of this fascinating studio have lived off the grid for over 25 years.

This is our “Naturally Sourced” studio -in addition to coffee with Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee and tours of their solar facilities, Bill Kemp will be there with his renewable energy books, as well as Kat Stevens with her wire-crocheted jewelry.  She uses small gemstones and minerals in her work that are reminiscent of shapes of coffee beans. She names her necklaces and has even created some for the tour named in a coffee theme.  Barcha will be there with her pottery (you can purchase one her mugs in which you can enjoy your Fluid Coffee) or some of her garden art  The ever popular Jolly Hog Gourmet Food Truck will be returning and for the first time, we will be including a musician on the tour, Tara Hope, who will be performing alongside the Jolly Hog as you munch their great food, drink great coffee and enjoy wonderful creations.

202 Floating Bridge Rd, Clayton
613) 315-6432

Artists at this Location

Fluid Coffee      Solar Roasted Coffee

Kat Stevens     Wire Crochet Jewellery

The Jolly Hog    Gourmet Food Truck

Bill Kemp       Renewable Energy Books

Barbara Balaban         Clay Garden Art  & Pottery

Tara Hope                                       Musician