A woollen mill was established on this site in 1862.  In 1880, it was bought by Mssrs Thoburn and Sheard.  The mill was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1918.

The Mill continued to operate as a woollen manufacturer until 1956. It was particularly well-known for its grey flannel. While the turbines and other mechanisms for driving the machinery were removed from the mill in the 1950’s, some parts remain on view in the gardens of the Thoburn Mill building.

After its closed as a woollen mill in 1956, the Thoburn building saw many incarnations from business centre to antique dealership to computer manufacture. Then in 2000, a group of local entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity to create a new, exciting and unique space and began the redevelopment of what is now the spectacular Thoburn Mill Condominium.

83 Little Bridge Street, Unit 110, Almonte

Artist at this Location

Jean Morrow                                 Abstract Art