This beautiful newly built hand-crafted log house, is deep in the forests of Lanark County, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the local flora and fauna.  The interior is equally fascinating with a boat hanging from the rafters and more.


This is our “Families In The Woods” studio.  From the  host family,  Auni’ s work is inspired by the peaceful and natural surroundings and ToadLily Designs are rustic and exquisite one of a kind functional objets d’art for your home and garden, made from primarily found or recycled objects.  The visiting Lewis family includes Steven, a reknowned painter, his wife Barb who creates wonderful decorative art pieces from found and antique pieces and also their son Sean, a very talented illustrator.

132 Darling Conc 9, Clayton
(613) 434-2970

Artists at this Location

Auni Milne     Painting

Toadlily Designs                                     Home Decor

Steven Lewis                         Painting

Barb Lewis                                              Decorative Art

Sean Lewis                                                 Illustrations