This beautiful hand-crafted log house is deep in the forests of Lanark County, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the local flora and fauna. The interior is a must-see with a boat hanging from the rafters and many other gorgeous details that will keep you mesmerized during your visit.

This is our “Families In The Woods” studio. From the host family, Auni’s work is inspired by the peaceful and natural surroundings and ToadLily Designs are rustic and exquisite one of a kind functional objets d’art for your home and garden, made from primarily found or recycled objects. The visiting Lewis family includes Steven, a renowned painter, Barb, who creates wonderful decorative art pieces from found and antique pieces, and their son Sean, a very talented illustrator.

132 Darling Conc 9, Clayton
(613) 256-1962

Artists at this Location

Auni Milne                                                     Painting

Toadlily Designs                                     Home Decor

Steven Lewis                       Painting

Barb Lewis      Handpainted Glassware and Jewelry

Sean Lewis                                                 Illustrations