Union-Hal-2Constructed in 1857 through the efforts of local farmers and the Ramsay Library Board, Union Hall has been used continuously for 160 years .  A mural of the Floating Bridge which crossed Taylor Lake at Conc 12 from 1859 to 1943, adorns the entire inside back wall of the building.

This is our “Settlers” studio, particularly appropriate for Canada’s 150th celebration.  Our country has welcomed immigrants from all over the world and these people brought their traditional skills and talents with them.  It is easy to imagine a similar market of artisans selling their wares a century ago…..Anita with her goat milk soap, Clement with is pottery, Hyseuk with her traditional Korean paper craft, Colin the pewtersmith, Chris with his hot glass art,  Joanne with her wire wrap jewellery and Khodor with his traditional Syrian food.

984 Wolf Grove Road, Clayton
(613) 875-5011

Artists at this Location


Anita Dworshak     Goat Milk Soap


Chris Van Zanten   Hot Glass Art


Clement Hoeck     Pottery


Hyesuk Kim  Korean Paper Craft and Textile Art


Colin Hamer     Pewter Ware

Joanne Desarmia      Wire Wrap Jewelry

Jessica’s Syrian Food     Traditional Syrian Food