untitledThis picturesque studio is located on the shore of Clayton Lake, right in the village of Clayton.  Karen takes most of her wildlife photos from her back deck or on one of her almost-daily dawn kayak trips on the lake.

On the expansive front lawn, you will be find Dave Card with his bold carvings as well as Sarah Moffat and her unique paintings.  As you enter the front door of the house you will be confronted by the multi-harness loom on which Karen creates her richly colorful textiles.  Comfortable nestled in an armchair appropriately surrounded by bookshelves, Peter Usher will be giving readings from his books.  In the library area In the bright sunny studio on the lower level of the house, Kevin Wilson and Sandra Allen will be giving demonstrations of flameworking throughout the weekend and offering their bright and beautiful glass art for sale.  Also on the lower level will be the dynamic and vibrant painting and artwear of Jill Alexander.  And to top it off, Heart and Soul Cafe will be providing a lunch stop of hearty homemade soups and cornbread.

2763 Tatlock Road, Clayton
(613) 256-8370

Karen Riches         Weaving, Photography
Peter Usher                    Historical Account
Jill Alexander          Painting and Artwear
Sandra Allan
Dave Card                                      Woodcarving
Jodi Bowen                              Heart and Soul Cafe
Sarah Moffat                                     Painting